Some extra tips, in general, for language-learning:

10 tips and tricks to pick up any language(Click on the image above, it links to; the link will open in a new window/tab.)

J’aime le français = a cooperative crowd-sourced open-access Facebook community page, where most of the people posting are teachers of French (all levels, from kindergarten to university, and from beginners to advanced):

imageFrench dictionaries:
—free & mostly online: useful for homework compositions

French accents
—free & online: useful for homework compositions

French grammar
—some overlap with the resources above), including links to various websites with yet more online exercises

French pronunciation
—free & online: useful in general
NB you will NOT be tested on your pronunciation in FREN 101 & 102: this is for general interest and as a sarting-point if you are looking for extra practice and extra resources

Movies & TV in French
—mostly free, some online: useful in general, and for compositions

French & Francophone resources:
—UBC, Study Abroad, life in French in Vancouver, life in French online (radio, TV, etc.), and further afield
—the French, Hispanic & Italian Studies Department Learning Centre (free) and the department’s list of tutors (not free)