Welcome to the Emerging Market Analysis on Game-Based Learning

We are really excited to present to you our Emerging Market Analysis presentation on Game-Based Learning. Throughout the week we will ask you to read, watch, view, comment and participate to engage your learning on the subject of gaming in education. We thank you in advance for all your participation this week and hope you find our presentation both enjoyable and informative.

Start the week by reading our introduction, learning about the team and participating in a survey about your own experience with game-based learning.

Proceed to the Background section where you will learn about the theory, criticism, history and challenges of the educational gaming industry.

After that, you will be introduced to the market itself, and learn about some of the major players in educational gaming.

From here, it’s time to put your analytical skills to the test, as you play and rate a crop of educational games for the educational value and marketability.

Finish by sharing your thoughts on the future of game-based education, and the use of video games as a tool for learning.

One more thing! If you are ever unsure what to do next, simply click the Level Up! button at the bottom of each screen to take you to the next section.

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  1. agfarooq

    Loving the Level Up button. Great idea!

  2. troymoore

    Very clever. I’m impressed. I love the level up button, great attention to detail.

  3. alemon

    Is there a way to get extra lives too???

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