The Team

View – The Game-Based Learning Team

The Emerging Market Analysis Game-Based Learning team is a multicultural and multifaceted mix of education professionals from across North America. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and participating in our presentation.


Brendan Alexander

“Howdy! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a curriculum writer and online instructor. I’m originally from sunny Vancouver, BC but currently live in sunnier Dallas, TX with my lovely wife. I’m a sports junky who learned everything I know about football from John Madden, so naturally I’m a big proponent of game-based learning.” 

Dale Pearce

“Hello, my name is Dale Pearce, and I am the Accessibility Advisor at Lakeland College. I have a strong interest in game-based learning and I hope you enjoy our contribution.” 

Margaret Lee

 “I am a certified ESL and Mandarin teacher and I am very passionate about teaching. I’ve worked in both Canada and Taiwan for over 20 years.”

Marie-Astrid Detharet

“I’m Marie-Astrid Detharet: teacher (for 10 years now), mother (of 2) and part time entertainer (as you can see). Hope everyone enjoys their week with us as we delve into Game Based Learning.”

Momoe Hyakutake

“Hi everyone! My name is Momoe but I usually go by Mo. I am the odd ball of the group… my background training is in medicine. I am an obstetrician/gynecologist, currently finishing my fellowship training in Vancouver, BC. I plan to incorporate medical education into my career, and thus you find me here. I feel a bit like fish out of water. . . . still waiting for those legs to grow out!”  

 Enjoy our presentation!


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