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A Special Guest Lecture: ‘Homonationalim in Canada’

February 9th, 2012 · No Comments

The Global Queer Research Group (GQRG) Presents 

Homonationalism in Canada

A special guest lecture by
Dr. Suzanne Lenon (Lethbridge) &

 Omisoore Dryden (Toronto/OISE)

March 2nd,

Thea’s Lounge,
Graduate Student Society Building

 In this special guest lecture, Dr. Suzanne Lenon and Omisoore Dryden will present contemporary scholarship concerning the nationalization of sexual citizenship and its problematics in the context of Canadian queer movements. The notion of “homonationalism,” first formulated by Jasbir Puar (2007), refers to the political processes in which queer visibility and protection of same-sex relationships are used to articulate the ‘exceptionality’ of Western modern nations, effectively placing regions and bodies of cultural Other as pre-modern, and homophobic. Such nationalistic imaginary has produced perceptions of ethnic diasporas in Canada as a threat to sexual liberalism, generating racist and exclusionary discourses against immigrants and queer people of color in local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities and a wider public sphere. In conjunction with the publication of Queer Kaleidoscopes: Disturbing Homonationalism in Canada (UBC Press, 2012), Dr. Suzanne Lenon and Omisoore Dryden  will  present their works on the topic, as well as the significance of an anti-homonationalist approach to queer scholarship in a global context. Please join us for food and refreshments after the event!

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Special Thanks to the Critical Studies in Sexuality and the Liu Institute for Global Issues for Sponsoring this Event!

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