Me and my mom

Me and my mom


Hi everyone,

My name is Nayid Contreras and I’m currently in my last year of my double major being Latin American studies one of them. At the beginning of my academic life, I was taking commerce courses; however, I never quite enjoyed them and decided I needed to specialize in something closer to my passion: Latin American Studies and International Relations. I feel like by being involved and actively taking courses related to Latin American and all it encompasses, I have open my mind to learn and interpret my “Latinidad” and learn, from all points of views, what continues to be a Lain American living outside his continent.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I was born in Colombia – actually in the border with Venezuela- in a town called Cucuta, but I grew up in Bogota, the capital of the country. I moved to Canada almost ten years ago and now I find that this country is my home. Funny thing, I try to visit my family back in Colombia every year, and every time I go, after a month of being there, I start missing Canada. I miss its people’s politeness, relatively tranquility, safety, and how people actually line-up to catch the bus. The opposite happens back home. This is not to say I do not miss Colombia. I do! I miss the food, the people, Latin-dancing and drinking beer outside on the street with my neighbours. There are many things I miss about living in Colombia but I also have developed an appreciation for being Canadian.

On a side note, I have to say, I’m very excited about our class SPAN 405! I think the theme behind it’s so current and relevant, and to be honest, I have never seen it from a theoretical place. Therefore, I am all in and willing to read, learn, and participate in the chat about Guerilla movements in the region!

I also would like to invite everyone who wants to talk about my home country or if they just want to say hello to do it. I’m a friendly dude! J



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