Stick-Formed Wall

Bending the stick…frame

Residential wall construction has changed very little over the last 100 years. Light frame construction with wood is flexible, adaptable, cheap, relatively disposable, and requires very little skill to assemble. It is a dominant system for a reason and a difficult system to influence.  We believe introducing “zippered Wood” to the stick framing approach could shift this entrenched construction method, making it more responsive and resource responsible.

Fig 1: The modification of the base plate of a conventional stud-wall transforms a flat surface into a hyperbolic paraboloid.

Stick-Formed Wall subverts the expectations of a traditional stud wall. Our prototype replaces the base-plate of a traditional stud wall with a curved zippered member. That single modification transforms a planar assembly into a hyperbolic paraboloid. While seemingly minor as a local modification, the test points to more dramatic formal opportunities.

Fig 2: Prototype of Stick-Formed Wall (L) and detail of zippered member (R).
Fig 3: Elevation view of an alternative version of Stick-Formed Wall. Here an interior space is created through the introduction of two zippered members.

Fig 4: Stick-Formed Wall prototype




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