HiLo Team

The HiLo lab is directed by Associate Professor Blair Satterfield. Satterfield (above right) teaches design studios and coordinates design media courses at UBC SALA. He will become Chair of the School of Architecture in January of 2019. Outside SALA, Satterfield is a co-founding principal with Marc Swackhamer of the research design collaborative HouMinn Practice. HouMinn’s work has been featured in publications, including Dwell and Fast Company, and has garnered prestigious awards such as the ACSA National Design Award, 2014  & 2008 R&D Award from Architect magazine, 2014 Core77 Design Award for Environments, and the Best in Environments award from ID Magazine. Satterfield has also directed design projects that have been given multiple AIA awards and national (USA) SARA design awards for architecture and urban design.

Prior to joining the faculty at UBC SALA, Satterfield taught at Rice University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Houston, where he helped direct the development of products for the University of Houston Green Building Components initiative.

Faculty, Student, and Staff Researchers

HiLo Lab was established as an interdisciplinary collaborative that enlists contributors based on need and area of research. Each of these individuals have contributed greatly to the success of the HiLo Lab.

Current HiLo Team:

  • Alex Preiss, MARCH Candidate 2019
  • Derek Mavis, MARCH Candidate 2020
  • Joshua Potvin, MARCH Candidate 2019
  • Lisa Kusaka, MARCH Candidate 2020
  • Alena Paven, MARCH Candidate 2019
  • Graham Entwistle, Workshop + Digital Fabrication Technician

Past HiLo Team Members

  • Stuart Lodge, MARCH 2017 (above left)
  • Sébastien Roy, MARCH 2017
  • Jason Heinrich,
  • Neal Qiongyu Li
  • Christopher Torres
  • Claire Saksun
  • Thomas Gaudin
  • Ashley Eusebio

Other HiLo Contributors

  • Professor Marc Swackhamer, UMN Architecture & HouMinn Practice
  • Professor Chadwick Sinclair, UBC Materials Engineering

(image by and courtesy of Gabriel Lascu)