Desired meeting results (sample)


Desired Meeting Results Framework

Why are we having this meeting (the purpose)
DMR (specific, measurable, nouns instead of verbs)
How (agenda – links every item to a DMR)

Here is my stab at applying the above framework to a meeting I am having on Tuesday.

Why: To advance the work of the BMLSc program review and renewal initiative


By the end of this meeting, we will have
1. Program-level learning outcomes that we are ready to send out to graduates, course leads, and section leads for their feedback

a) Feedback to CH on the draft surveys so that she can prepare a revised version
b) A date selected by when the revised surveys will be ready

a) Decision about who will craft a draft of the text that will accompany the surveys
b) A date selected by when the draft text will be ready

4. A meeting date to discuss a plan for the next 6-12 months (we may or may not get to this)

1. As a group, review the PLOs on the Google doc and make further edits.
2. Amanda and Isabeau to provide feedback to CH on the 2 draft surveys. If helpful, we can all spend time revising the surveys using the survey tool. Decide by when CH can have next version to share.
3. Discuss who should craft the email that will accompany the surveys and make a decision. Agree on when that survey will be sent out.
4. Determine a meeting time during which we (who?) will create a long-term (6-12 months) plan that can be presented to Andrea H before the end of July.