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Inspired by Katie Linder’s “You’ve Got This” episode about her favourite podcasts, I decided to create my own list. Since I feel like doing some light and fun blog writing, this seems like the perfect fit for this month’s post.

In no particular order, my favourites are:

Side Hustle School: I’ll try not to gush…**but**this one is so much fun to learn from! Daily episodes are short stories of a pursuit someone has followed through on which has fulfilled a purpose and made some money. The hustle is actualized while that person is working another job (or more than one) and juggling many other responsibilities. Chris Guillebeau‘s narratives are engaging and his take-aways are rich. I have been a committed listener and am excited to be taking first steps on my own side hustle (thanks to what I’ve learned and been inspired to do via this show).

Coaching for Leaders: In this podcast, Dave Stachowiak interviews people with expertise on various facets of leadership. Topics include facilitating conversations that matter, productivity, cross-cultural communication, coaching, feedback and more. His style is warm and affirming and I always glean many useful and practical lessons from these 30-minute weekly interviews. I came to this podcast via the Teaching in Higher Education podcast hosted by Dave’s wife (see below).

Under the InfluenceTerri O’Reilly is a master story teller in this podcast focused on marketing, advertising, adventure (yes!) and persuasion. The team produces tight, well-researched, 30-minute episodes that are fun, educational, and delight me with surprises. The season is short and I always look forward to it. A CBC podcast.

Teaching in Higher Education: In this weekly 30-minute podcast, host Bonni Stachowiak interviews an expert on an aspect of teaching in higher education. Shows may focus on concepts, practical approaches, productivity, technology–or a combination of these areas. This is another excellent source of learning for me and I thoroughly enjoy the relaxed (Bonni has a great laugh!) yet informative approach in these shows. This podcast has helped shift my own thinking about technology in teaching.

Lead Through Strengths. I only recently started listening to this one after hearing an excellent interview with host Lisa Cummings in another podcast. Lisa focuses on how to help people use their ‘strengths’ (which are really talents) to thrive in their career and workplace. She draws from StrengthsFinder as the source of her work and her style is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and engaging as she interviews guests. Via this show, I am not only learning about StrengthsFinder, but a lot about leadership and human communication.

Les Eclaireurs. A fun, informative podcast (in French) that deals with social trends, marketing, consumer choices, travel, and health. Each episode is hosted by Sophie-Andrée Blondin and features several guests who share lively exchanges and laughter. Proud to listen to CBC podcasts🙂

The Hidden Brain. Like some of the other podcasts above, this one involves wonderful story telling. Drawing from psychology and science, host Shankar Vedantam explains some of the unconscious patters at work in our society, choices, habits.

The Introvert Entrepreuneur. In this show, Beth Buelow interviews guests and covers various topics which are related to entrepreneurship, life, choices, career, and well-being. She also has some solo episodes in which she reflects on any of these broad areas. I enjoy her straightforward, gentle, honest style.  I came to this show via Coaching for Leaders.

You’ve Got This. Branded as “a podcast for academics and higher education professionals looking to increase their confidence and capacity for juggling ….” their various responsibilities and demands. I enjoy these short weekly podcasts in which Katie Linder shares her experience in a relaxed and conversational style. It is like listening to a wise friend.


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