CTLT Work Historical (2003-2013)

My careers as an educational developer began at the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG). I worked at TAG between 2003-2009 and then, in July 2010, TAG merged with two other units to become the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT).

This page lists projects I was involved between 2003-2013 and that I am not currently involved with.  For a description of initiatives I am currently involved with, see here.

Teaching Portfolios

My involvement with portfolios spans between 2003 and 2009 and can be summarized as follows:

  • Co-coordinated the Portfolio Community of Practice (2006-2009) (this community is currently thriving and is being facilitated by Lucas Wright and Mali Bain)
  • Represented TAG on the UBC eportfolio Pilot Project
  • Provided individual assistance to members of the UBC community who wished to develop teaching portfolios
  • Offered seminars on portfolio development (seminar topics included Introduction to electronic portfolios, Teaching portfolio basics, Creative uses of your teaching portfolio, and Portfolios for reflection and growth.
  • Presented at UBC e-Learning events (e-Learning Open House, e-Strategy Town Hall)
  • Co-authored TAG’s website content on teaching portfolios and course portfolios

Facilitative Teaching and Facilitation

Facilitative teaching and facilitation have comprised a large part of my work. As a facilitative teacher, I regularly organized and facilitated professional development events for the teaching and learning community, both within and outside of UBC. I offered workshops on such topics as presentation skills, peer review of teaching, providing constructive feedback in difficult situations, and mentoring, among others.
For a list of workshops I have facilitated, please see here.

CTLT Passport Program

I was involved in administering, coordinating and promoting the Passport Program, a program that allowed individuals to track their professional development activities. The Program operated from 2006 to 2013.

Faculty Instructional Skills Workshop Coordinator

For approximately one year, from 2006-2007, I worked with Dr. Alice Cassidy (former Associate Director, TAG) to co-coordinate the Faculty ISW program. This involved: scheduling facilitators and ISWs; planning and offering professional development to members of the facilitation team; and, collaborating with other TAG staff to grow the ISW program.

Photo credit: color by superscheeli (CC BY-SA)