In addition to the facilitative teaching I do as an educational developer, I also work as a contract faculty member at the University of British Columbia and at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

To learn more about my approach to teaching, please read my teaching philosophy statement.

Teaching in the Bachelor of Education Program

(University of British Columbia)

I teach a course called “Education, Knowledge and Curriculum” (EDST 403). I have taught the course in English and French and taught it to both elementary and secondary cohorts.  To learn more about the course and to get a better sense of how my philosophy of teaching plays out in practice, please see the course website: https://blogs.ubc.ca/edst403/ .

Teaching evaluations:

Sample Qualitative Comments (coming soon)

Numerical Scores can be downloaded here: EDST 403 Combined Teaching Evaluations.Evaluations


Coaching in the Advanced Facilitation Course

(Justice Institute of British Columbia)

I recently started working as a coach within the course titled “Advanced Facilitation” (INDC 1250) which is offered within the Centre for Leadership at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. As a coach, I facilitate the small group learning (a simulated facilitation) that takes place on the last day of the course and provide feedback on the participant’s facilitation.



Photo taken in class during a Forum Theatre workshop session (EDST 403)