Working Draft of ‘Intercultural Promise’ Presented to Board of Governors

The working draft of The Intercultural Promise v1.9.4, the intercultural understanding mid-level strategic plan, was presented to the UBC Board of Governors on November 19, 2013.

Above is the Prezi that was presented to the Board of Governors, followed by a question period (please be patient, as It might take some time to load).

Questions and comments included the following:

  • Comments that this plan aims to not only deliver increased benefit to students, but also to address some the “pain points” being experienced by faculty and staff.
  • How was UBC planning to address disability within the framework of intercultural understanding?
  • What was the status of the development of the mid-level strategic plan for the Okanagan campus?
  • What metrics were available and in development to monitor progress?
  • Comment that this commitment was of great concern outside of UBC, and that there was great potential for sharing this with municipalities and other academic institutions. What was the plan for sharing UBC’s findings and approach?

I will share the responses as separate blog posts.

The Executive Summary and Working Draft of The Intercultural Promise, recently updated to v1.9.4 can be downloaded below:

Intercultural Understanding Exec Summary v1.9.4 – August 2013

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