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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Few days ago, I found that among all the wraps in the dining hall, the green ones sold best. It reminded me of the tutorial class when Juan mentioned the color of the brand of Nestle and Starbucks influenced their sales volume.

The connection between the good’s color and customer’s choice interested me. According to the author of how color affects food choices, customers eat with their eyes first. And the light green, as the graph shows, is always related to nature. Also, students who choose wraps as their meal mostly pursue a healthy lifestyle since wraps only contain the low-calorie salad and vegetables. Green, the color of many healthy and nutritious vegetables, caters to those people’s needs.

Furthermore, I made a online research among my high schoolmates back in China. However, most people choose yellow or white. They don’t trust colorful food, since so many food safety issues related to artificial colors have happened during the past years in China. Also, the first reaction about food’s color is associated with personal experience. For example, Ding never wants green food because he associates it with the “disgusting” matcha flavor.

To sum up, the customer preference is not easy to guess. It is connected with the specific social environment and personal experiences. To know it, we are not only supposed to consider the psychology reason, but also do the real market research.

warm (exciting) Red Energetic, hungry It activates your pituitary gland and increases your heart rate Logos and calls to action
Orange Enthusiastic, cheerful It is a combination of aggressive red and cheerful yellow Calls to action (subscribe, buy, etc)
cool (calming) Blue Secure and trustworthy It is associated with sky (therefore universally liked) Money and business related websites (banks, loans, etc)
Green Stable, wealthy (deep green) It is the easiest color for the eyes Testimonials, founder’s story, etc. Finance related websites (e.g. Forex related)
Calm (light green) It is associated with spring and nature Entertainment and leisure related websites



1.the graph:

2.”how color affects food choices”_Costa Magoulas


A participant (R) wearing a mask of Appl

Apple introduced its newest products. Most of its cellphones, are made by over a million young and cheap labor force in the “sweatshop”, Foxconn which puts its employees in the appalling working conditions and causes high rate of suicide.


Making profit at the sacrifice of workers’ health is immoral. Profit isn’t the only pursuit of a company. Foxconn’s Management Module ignores civil right. The feeling of isolation and desperation towards their future are the direct reasons for the suicide.

We can’t simplify the problem, ignore the further social factors and place all the blame on the company. However, if the company has high level of business ethics and is committed to protecting employees’ legitimate rights, such tragedies would not have happened again and again.

Undoubtedly, sticking to the old management module and pursuing the maximum profit regardless civil rights violate the business ethics. For another, applying robots in the Assembly Line(Foxconn‘s plan) will make a large group of people lose job, which operates against Milton Friedman’s Social Responsibility Theory. What Foxconn really needs to do is finding a balance between the two extreme cases above,which is providing job opportunities while applying technology to relieve workers’ burden and giving them humanistic care.




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