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I agree with James Lau that Peter’s blogs are always so funny and the titles are catchy. While it is true that it’s risky when a business tries something new but just as James mentioned, this is what businesses suppose to do. So I think adding guacamole in their buegers is a good idea. Peter mentioned one of its failed attempts Mcpizza, but McDonalds also has McCafé, which is a successful example and win many consumers.

guacamole burger

From the video provided by James, we can see that McDonalds in Denver Colorado want to add guacamole in their burgers and sandwiches, which appeals to the native people’s tastes. To my mind, fast food brands like McDonalds and KFC are not just selling their classic burgers but trying to change themselves and add some local elements in their menus wherever they go. For example, in Canada, McDonalds has poutine in its menu. In India, almost all of the chicken is made spicy. In China, KFC serves soya milk, rice bowl and even youtiao(a traditional Chinese breakfast food). All these changes don’t confuse consumers but attract them more.

豆浆(KFC soya milk)

Also, keeping the position unchanged doesn’t mean make no changes at all. McDonalds still positions itself as fast food, but in a more healthy way. As we know, guacamole is a nutritious food beneficial to people. Adding this instead of the high-calories sauce in burgers is more suitable to people’s pursuit of both healthy and fast food today. Personally, I am looking forward to its change of becoming more healthy.

1234455(KFC rice bowl)





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