Unethical Issue:Walmart imported clothing from Bangladesh sweatshops

It is a trend that many retailer giants such as Nike and Walmart often run their factories at the developing countries to maximize their profit. However, there are many business ethic issues associating with this phenomena .Since the Bangdalash garment factories (Rana Plaza building) collapse and killed thousands of people in April, many retailers are facing pressure to improve the working condition at Bangdalash( workers are making $38 a month with dangerous working environment). Walmart, as the world biggest retailer company, released a blacklist of more than 200 sweatshops saying that it had ended their partnership with these factories due to safety issues &labor abuse. Nevertheless, according to this news, Walmart is still importing large amounts of products from one of the black-listed sweatshops in recent month. Being ethical is extremely important for all kinds of the businesses as it will directly affect the brand name and stakeholders. From this scandal, not only is Walmart losing its reputation and customer loyalty (consumer begins to acknowledge the concern of the sweatshop so they may boycott the product or company), it may also impacts different stakeholders for example: one of the factories owner claims that Walmart’s way of publishing a blacklist with no further detail might unfairly attack some family business with minor violation and  big factory employees are still working under poor condition.


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