Comment on Bianca Pinasco’s post: The best workplace in the world.

After reading an article: the real secret of Google’s cooperate culture, I am not surprised that  Google has recently acknowledged as having the best workplace in the world by Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for. From my previous post, I have mentioned that a company’s working condition and employee’s satisfaction can definitely alter whole company’s performance. Compares to Microsoft’s old stack ranking system which destroyed many employee’s working desire, Google is able to recognize the importance of job satisfaction and use it as a strategy to motivate their workers. Instead of using harsh grading system to judge employee’s performance, Google rewards mistakes. In 2009, a group earned the Award and bonuses for failing at a product development; this creation later developed into Google Plus. I am impressed that Google is able to provide series of service that allows employees to cultivate creativity through job satisfaction. It is fascinated me that a company can offers free restaurants, gymnasiums and cars to its employees. In addition, Google uses its unique organizational culture to attract talents across this competitive industry. The company allows employees to spend 20% of their time on anything of their interest and half of the corporation’s advancements come from work done during this period. Clearly, from Google’s success, it is undeniable that a good performance management and organization is a key for firm to establish itself on top of the industry.


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