Unit Four Reflection Report

Unit 4 of the Engl 301 class is mainly about preparing web folio for the job, graduate school, or international application. Since I plan to get a full-time job in Canada after my graduation this year, I chose job application as my topic, and I found this unit is super useful to me.

Actually, I have been planing to set up my personal website for job hunting for more than half year, however, because of some reasons, such as laziness, I haven’t really taken into actions. Unit 4 of this class not only helped push me to get it done, but also provided me with many detail instructions and useful suggestions on how to set it up. Following the instructions, I found that it is actually not quite difficult to set up my personal web folio and I hoped I had got those instructions and suggestions earlier. Thank you so much for providing me the chance to finish my early plan!

One of the most important part of the web folio is the application package, and the peer review of the application package in this section is quite useful. Amazon is one of my dream companies, and I choose a software engineer position I planed to apply recently to prepare my application package. It is great that Cheryl can help to review my application package before I used them for the real job application. Thanks to Cheryl, I fixed many inconsistent format issues in my resume as well as many grammar issues in my cover letter. And one lesson I learnt from her review comments is that, whenever I add new experience to my resume, I need to ensure the format of the new experience is consistent with those of the other old experience. Cheryl’s review helped to increase my chance to get the interview from Amazon significantly, and I want to thank her for the help! At the same time, I also give Cheryl some suggestions about her application package, such as including more descriptions about academic experience, briefly concluding every work experience, and fixing some grammar issues. I hope my suggestions are helpful to her.

Overall, Unit 4 of the Engl 301 class is useful and helpful, and I appreciate that this unit help me to be more competitive during my job hunting. This is the last unit of the Engl 301, and I hope I can get more chance, such as taking similar class or training, in the future to further improve my English.

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