Final Self-Assessment Reflection Report

As this is the end of my Engl 301 class, I would like to make a summary of my experience in this class, including my strength and my weakness during this class and how the skills and experience I learned from this class can help my future career goal.

I think during this course, one of my strengths is that I can combine what I learned from this course with my daily study and life. For example, when choosing the concept for writing definition, I chose the concept “network protocol”, which is one of the computer science topics I am interested in. Also, for the formal report, I chose a possible issue in one of my favorite restaurants as the topic and using my networking to conduct the survey and interview. Combining the course to my daily life made me feel this course usefully and give me motivation to investigate deeper about the problem, which is helpful during this course. Another strength I want to mention is open mind. During this course, I have conducted serval peer review with my teammate, and I never feel offended when I read the peer review comments from my teammate. Being willing to accept teammates’ suggestions helped me fix many issues and learn many new ideas, which make my learning process of this course effective.

At the same time, I have to admit that I still had many weaknesses and made many mistakes during this course. A weakness I want to mention is that, I was a little careless when reading the textbook and have missed some detail when working on the assignment. For example, when I was reading the textbook about how to write a memo, I mainly focused on the content of the memo, while I didn’t notice that we need to add title for the sender and the recipient until our instructor, Dr. Erika Paterson,  pointed it out in the Evaluation Sheet. Thanks Dr. Paterson for the help! Besides, another weakness of me is that I made grammar errors and typos often even if I have proofread my articles. I think it is a common problem for non-native English speaker, and my teammates Lisa, Amy and Cheryl have helped me to fix many grammar issues during the peer review. I am very grateful for their help! In the future, I will take more care about the small details when learning new techniques, and maybe I will try to find a chance to attend some English grammar related course and training. I hope I can improve my weakness in the future.

I believe the skill I learned from the Engl 301 class is quite helpful to my future career, and I think the lesson about writing with YOU attitude is one of the most valuable lessons I learned from this class. Previously when I wrote an email to the professors or colleagues, I only knew I needed to respect the recipients, while I did not have a very clear idea on how to write a good email. Writing with YOU attitude lesson provided me with a very good and clear guideline on how to write a good email to colleagues, which is quite useful to my future career. Besides, as I mentioned earlier in my Unit Four Reflection report, the peer review of the application package is also quite helpful to me as I am looking for a fulltime job recently.

Last but not least, I want to thank Dr. Erika Paterson for providing us with the Engl 301 class and leaving valuable comments for all of our assignments. It is really helpful and in high quality, and I would like to recommend my friends to take this class as well. Also, I want to thank my teammates, Lisa, Amy and Cheryl for their help and review during this course. It was a great experience to work with them, and I hope I can have a chance to cooperate with them in the future!

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