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Sadness, Fear and Hope at COP25

As COP25 in Madrid draws to a close, I’m reflecting on my first time attending the international climate negotiations. There’s a popular narrative that international climate meetings are just a pretense for thousands to jaunt off to exotic locales. To … Continue reading

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The Paris Agreement Emissions Trading Regime: What’s in it — and not — for Canada?

The rules for international emissions trading now being negotiated at COP25 in Madrid have the potential to make or break the Paris Agreement. Strict rules that prevent double counting, prohibit carry forward of questionable Kyoto Protocol credits, and ensure that … Continue reading

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COP-25: Why all the fuss about “Article 6?”

With more than 10,000 delegates from almost 200 countries, dozens of panels daily, and countless government, NGO, and business pavilions, there’s a lot to do at the international climate conference currently underway in Madrid. With so many options, one might … Continue reading

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COP-25 in Madrid: Welcome to Acronymlandia

I have researched comparative climate policy in Canada, the US, and other countries for the last 15 years. However, because I don’t focus on negotiation of international climate treaties, I’ve never attended one of the big international climate negotiations – … Continue reading

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