Is social software really useful?

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*i picked this article as the HBR is a really reputable source with innovative, applicable articles and the idea of social software is related to Class 8 readings on social media.

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Critics of social software feel that fostering interpersonal relationships decreases productivity. I think this is false as good relations, even on a formal level, can be established in a slightly informal context.

Cross-referencing to Community Relations 2.0, which discusses social media, I think that software would help if it is authentic and users are savvy. Individuals must be computer literate in these software. It would be better if there were a team of specialists (members of the PR and HR departments) to leverage on it, as they would have the technical expertise to ensure that the employment of social software meets the company’s aims.

The framework of Access (wide outreach these media platforms offer), Attract (relevant people and resources) and Achieve (securely creating strong collaborations) is solid. However, the examples given are too vague and should be related to specific types of software and how they are used.

It is necessary to “target implementations against very specific operating performance levers.” Certainly, a main challenge to social software is more convenient and accessible forms of social media. These would probably lend a better level of engagement to users who would more likely be more familiar with social media than social software.

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