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Being a huge fan of Google and fashion, I was exhilarated to learn that Diane Von Fursternberg (DVF) , a high-end fashion designer collaborated with Google+ to host the first ever shoppable Google+ hangout.

It was very well-organised. The Hangout participants and their questions had been prescreened in advance, and asked their questions on cue.

#shopthehangout : captions and screenshots were posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

The hashtag #shopthehangout was crucial to this campaign in compiling pictures, captions and engaging information, and promotion via the Youtube video, email and influences were well-executed. However, the campaign could have been improved using viral marketing like updating the DVF website with information about the hangout to speak even more viral content.

Once von Furstenberg finished answering a question, a model, donning pieces from her collection would appear on screen. Von Furstenberg selected a handbag for each model and talked up each garments’ fabrics and technical details, prompting viewers at home to buy. Merchandised, shoppable pages were easy to use and hosted on Google Shopping Shortlists. To make purchase users would click through to DVF.com. Engaging features included the opportunity to “watch later” and a social sharing button allowing viewers to easily share the collections and designs on Google+. This showcased the site’s capabilities brilliantly, displaying a window of DVF products for sale to the right of the video window on users’ screens.

DVF fashion collection items available for purchase exclusively at Google+

Although there were no statistics available on the revenue from this online collaboration, there was reportedly a lot of interest leading into the Hangout, with 2.3 million views garnered for the trailer below:

YouTube Preview Image

Their collaboration is also a perfect example of a 3-way relationship between Google, DVF and customers, which keeps things fresh and engaging and enables them to bounce ideas off one another. Google is the perfect interactive platform to promote DVF’s collections, and DVF is a marketing product in Google’s arsenal and product research.

Personally, I found this to be a well-played move from Google+, as it is still struggling to capture mainstream social media users, and divert attention away from larger competitors.

What distinguishes Google+ is its accessibility (users can log in from their gmail accounts instead of having to download Skype) and ability to store Hangouts in Youtube. This collaboration is just one example of Google’s strategy to attain new users by integrating interesting features into Google Plus that people want to use. It greatly increased the number of fans in DVF’s circles. Although Google+ has a long way to go before it even stands to trump other networks like Facebook, but its future is looking bright.





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