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Ready to be an Owl?

HootSuite Pro dashboard

HootSuite is a web-based social media management tool which gathers social media in one platform to manage social media profiles more effectively.

It’s accessed through the web browser VS desktop client.


  • Unlike other social media management systems, HootSuite is accessed through your web browser rather than a desktop client. You can access your HootSuite dashboard everywhere that has a web browser.

  •  Secure team set up: With the vast reach of social media, it’s important for marketing organizations to be aware of who has access to which accounts and how they’re using them. HootSuite has put a number of features in place so managers can keep accounts secure as teams grow and change, including the ability to add and remove members without sharing passwords.

  •  The biggest advantage is the time saving and high efficiency when acting as an online marketer. It helps you in every stage of communication with customer – you will better monitor and listen, you will talk and converse more easily.

  • There are several things you can do with Hootsuite as a marketer

    1.   Track Campaigns and Engage Daily

    • Streams

      • HootSuite’s dashboard can help manage daily community building and one-off campaigns. For actively-managed accounts, you can set up streams for the types of content you want to monitor, including news feeds and mentions. These streams live in customizable tabs, which can be organized by account, network or content, which comes in handy for tracking campaign-specific hashtags.

      • Scheduling feature:

    Batch scheduling is another useful feature for keeping campaign updates organized. You can pre-schedule up to 50 unique messages, making your team’s workflow more efficient and allowing you to optimize peak traffic times.

    • Identify Influencers – by seeing Follower’s Bio & Klout Score

      • HootSuite allows marketers to understand their audience by providing a follower’s bio and Klout score along with links to his or her social media profiles. You can also create lists of followers you want to keep a closer eye on and increase engagement with.

    2.    Measure Success

  • Built-in Social Analytic Report

    Built-in Social Analytics reports allow teams to measure the success of campaign tactics

  • by tracking URL click-throughs

  •  Measurable items include follower growth and mentions on Twitter. Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data are also integrated, enabling you to track how many users are visiting your website based on specific links your share through HootSuite.

    3. Educational Features

  •  Hootsuite Training:

    Learn the features and functionalities of the HootSuite dashboard and start effectively managing your social media efforts.

  •  Social Media Courseware

    You can learn social media knowledge through hootsuit’s up-to-date, video-based courseware.

  • HootSuite Certification

    Earn industry-recognized credentials demonstrating your expertise with the HootSuite dashboard, earned through passing a series of exams.

  • The running of HS is not difficult, training for our employees would take just several hours, and I believe they will like, it is something new, not boring and the fact that I like most is, once again, the effectiveness. (most importantly, effectiveness from streamlining social media management)