Tuesday Jan 14th, 2020: Warren Code

As Associate Director of  Skylight, The Science Centre for Learning and Teaching , Warren Code, has has been involved with a range of teaching and learning projects across the Faculty of Science, with a particular focus on the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and other faculty/campus-wide initiatives.  A substantial part of his work is advising and professional development for their department-based Science Education Specialists, evaluating impact on students and faculty, and connecting with people from UBC and other institutions interested in the accomplishments in teaching and learning within the Faculty of Science. He has also been connected to some analytics projects, including analysis of student response/log data in WeBWorK. In this session, Warren will give an update on the current state of Learning Analytics in the Faculty of Science:

“I’ll be presenting an update on learning analytics in the Faculty of Science: some notable recent projects, and a variety of ideas people at Science would like to explore with the right kinds approaches, partnerships, and support.  I’ll be interested in hearing your experiences in any similar types of projects and any recommendations you may have as to how we might proceed.  You will not need to prepare anything in advance.”

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