**New Course: SPPH 381C Environmental Impacts on Human Health

Will be offered Fall 2017.

SPPH 381C: Environmental Impacts on Human Health

This course will build on the concept of ecological public health. It will take an integrative approach to how our surrounding environment influences various domains of health and wellbeing. The focus is on health protection and promotion as well as disease prevention. Hazardous environmental states and environmental “good” will be discussed in terms of exposure or experience and how this can modify health and wellbeing. This will be considered in a social and economic context, including aspects of environmental justice, health inequalities, and community health. The course will explain how public health must be built on ecological principles on broad temporal and spatial scales. Scientific theories on the environment’s impact on human health will be outlined together with contextual and biological pathways and mediators. Current public health challenges related to urbanization, climate change, and environmental degradation will be discussed. The course will elaborate on potential solutions to these challenges through incorporation of ecological principles in public health policy and practice.

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