My journey to become a teacher started with a dream, well to be exact it started with me obsessively and methodically researching and ruling out careers, one by one for an entire year, until one morning I awoke with a start at three am. It was crystal clear in my mind I will be an English Teacher! My mind was made up and my destiny clear. I set out planning what school I would attend, how much it would cost, how I would pay for it, and how long it would take.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, with a minor in Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy from the University of the Fraser Valley I applied to Simon Fraser University for the Professional Development Program. During the period I spent working on my undergrad I worked in various trades, which just worked to cement my determination to complete school.

I was never a studious student in High School, always barely passing courses by doing the bare minimum; I was at a significant disadvantage starting university. It wasn’t until my third year that I received an A. It was the most difficult course I have taken to date, called Ethics and Public Policy with Professor Herman. Since that semester I have worked to achieve the best grade in each and every course. It was a turning point in my scholastic career, I was now an A student!



Moving into my PDP I carried on this work ethic and grew as a professional. Also during this period I met and married my amazingly supportive partner! Upon completion of my PDP I accepted a job in Fort Nelson, BC, the most North Eastern community in BC. It was 24 hours from Anchorage Alaska, 12 hours from White Horse in the Yukon, and eight hours from Yellowknife, NWT. It was an amazing experience teaching way up North. I landed a full time continuing contract teaching the subjects and grades of my choice and settled in for three years. In that time I received some exceptional mentorship and further grew as a professional. I was enjoying my teaching assignment, but it did become routine and the little opportunity for professional development was not providing the fodder I needed to further develop my teaching practice.


I began to research Master’s programs, mostly online due my remote location. I needed something that would help me further my journey as a professional and keep my practice relevant for my students, while at the same time excite my interests. I decided on The University of Victoria’s Education Technology program, based on the cost and the extremely interesting course selection. Unfortunately that program was shuttered before I was able to begin. That led me to the very similar University of British Columbia’s Education Technology Program. I have learned more from this program about myself as an educator and pedagogy than I had in the previous six years of education. Today, I am more confident in my practice and have the knowledge to develop more meaningful and purposeful courses. During the ETEC program I have switched school districts and we had our first boy, Sawyer on December 7, 2015.