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Texting is to Text and that does not make one lose their sense

July 15th, 2014 · No Comments

Yesterday’s discussion of texting and what it is doing to the “younger generation” is something that I find highly interesting and thought provoking. Some of the discussion that was brought up in class was highly enlightening and made me rethink things that I had previously thought and felt about texting. I had never thought as texting or “text talk” as something that was negative to a student’s development, or as something that would bring about negative outcomes to the English classroom.

After watching John McWhorter’s TED talk presentation and his use of the “fingered speech”, which might not be the best term for it as I can think of, however I really like the concept that he is going for. His presentation and discussion of the fact that the English written language is undergoing a complete overhaul of writing, as we know it, is a point that struck a chord for me. This sentiment has intrigued me because thinking of text as written speech is completely what it is and it highlights a completely different point of view to take into consideration.

Text is by no means the downfall of my generation, nor generations to come. As John McWhorter puts it, we are becoming bildialect through the usage of texting, which means that this is an exciting time and one in which there is a huge shift from writing as a means of expressing one’s ideas professionally into a means of communicating quickly via writing through a phone.

Overall, I firmly believe that this discussion is necessary to have and to bring to light: texting is not the downfall of our generation, nor will it ever be. It is an evolution that is need of particular attention and not something to be feared.  This class discussion is exciting and providing a platform in which the actual inquisitive discussion is happening and not merely nay saying because it is the belief that some believe should be put forward.

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