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QR Code Scavenger Hunt

July 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment

Because of the complexity of our literacy project, which involved our class to run around all of Scarfe looking for clues, it has taken much thought and discussion regarding what would be the most appropriate and effective way to post up our project.

And likewise, it would also seem very ironic if we were to just post everything here. Therefore, we have attached all our materials into QR Codes (with links at the very bottom because I understand that scanning QR Codes while on a blog may be very inconvenient).

So here we go!

Pre-Production Notes:


Visual Conception of what we did:
Side note 1: I suck at drawing and visually spacing things out.
Side note 2: You will never see Scarfe building the same way again (and I’m not sure in a good way…).

qrcode.23374929 (1)

Link to picture of locations:





Thanks for reading! (or looking). If anything doesn’t work, or if there are any questions, post below!


~Jackson n’ Jenny





Visual Conception:

Picture location pictures:,JivGM1a,zyuujjq,toJZpNU,cA0LijR,lLyW4bb,q5XS0BP,oAQxqLs,hcC5NEt,RGqcDv0,vRt2RKX,8rgQqvl,mHCt490,7l5kC60,KAjE3s4,b2R3uQO,wf2VYoQ,AMctUHF,M9Y0jls,9kRGIUy,F7jr2V2,yeNwPV1,3l3RH6w,w8z3v9l,sbQeyDL,3w8lqjp,pZAXKSc,KfeYQSn,CTjAUxy,gyf4Q7e#0



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  • TMD // Jul 24th 2014 at 8:25 am

    Dear Jackson and Jenny,

    This was a fantastic activity — thanks so much for leading it and for the innovative way in which you’ve posted your notes. As I observed in class, I think this form of kinesthetic engagement with text is compelling for a number of reasons. It is particularly suited to exploration of dramatic text, as you’ve demonstrated, in a way that is perhaps less intimidating for students than activities that have them performing in a more formal way in front of the class.

    Thanks again!

    Best regards,


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