Is Axe shower gel advertisement ethical?


Companies use different marketing techniques to market their products to consumers. It helps them portray the value that their product can bring to its consumers lives. Today, companies have gone far and beyond to persuade potential customers, using unethical ways of advertising to rope them in. One of the most well known examples is that of Axe commercials. Axe sells a huge variety of products such as deodorants, perfumes, shower gels, shampoos etc. and their target audience is young men. The selling metaphor, “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get”, for their new axe shower gel beach commercial displays this type of unruly ethics.

In this advert, a guy is shown taking a shower using an Axe shower gel in the middle of a beach and all the girls on the beach go running to the boy and are ready to take off their bikinis for him. I believe this advertisement is unethical from a feminist point of view. The commercial promotes nudity, sex and portrays girls as an object which are easy to get for all those men who use Axe products. Not only is this commercial degrading the stature of women in society, but is also misleading the youth. This commercial gives people a false sense of confidence, giving some teenagers a reason to go out and buy this gel, as it gives them a false hope of receiving attention from numerous beautiful women. Axe advertisements are focused on appealing sexually to the viewer, mainly men.  They are a disgrace to women and this girl is showcasing herself like a piece of meat.