Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

Find a quiet study place without wifi and bring your laptop (with practice tests saved into an organized folder). Turn your phone on silent mode and leave it in your bag.

  • Put away your calculator! Since it is not allowed during the test, you can only rely on yourself.
  • Make a review sheet following the course Learning Goals, focusing on key formulas and concepts. Try to compile them onto one single side of letter sized paper.
  • Memorize the formulas! This can help you save a lot of time during the exam.
  • Do as many practice tests as possible! Exclude old questions that are not part of the learning goals.

Be Physically Prepared

  • Start studying at least a week beforehand, create a study plan and study consistently.
  • Sleep, eat, and exercise regularly.

During the Exam

  • Read over the exam first.
  • Attempt questions that you are the most confident with.
  • Read questions carefully. If the question consists of a long paragraph, it is best to highlight the key factor that the question is asking for.
  • For optimization and related rates questions, draw diagrams to help you illustrate the given situation.
  • Avoid skipping steps that may disturb the flow of your solutions.
  • Use math notations correctly.
  • If you are stuck, move on and come back later. If you still cannot solve the question, try to write something down. Invest more of your time on other questions by double-checking to avoid losing marks over careless mistakes.
  • Plan your time wisely by making a mental note of mark distribution over the entire exam. Invest more time in questions that are worth more.
  • Check for missing signs and units.

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