Working in Groups

Studying Tips for Working In Groups

Pros and Cons of Working in Groups

Pros Cons
• Allows for the explanation of a problem in multiple ways

• More people allows for the work to get done quicker

• Working in groups provides a more motivating environment. Friends will motivate each other to finish the assignment or task

• Can create a more enjoyable experience in the end

• The different methods brought forth by different students may be easier to understand and follow than what the teacher has instructed.

• Explaining methods to peers will help solidify the notions in your own mind

• May create bonding moments with friends

• Different solutions may create confusion especially if they are not investigated, and just taken “as is”

• Just because the work is done quicker does not mean that you will understand the work quicker

• Tendency to get carried off topic, resulting in time loss

• Don’t let helping others consume your group work time, make sure to finish your own work as well

• Might have to share your snacks

Tips For Studying With Peers

1. Do your own work first: Make sure you try and complete each problem before you attempt to get all of the answers from your friends. By trying each problem you will be able to identify where you got stuck, thus allowing you to be cautious and fix that problem next time.

2. Put your friends’ theories to the test: Don’t take your friends’ theories for granted. Make sure to test your friends’ supposed “super-easy-way-to-do-it” on practice problems or WEBWORK. Don’t wait until the midterm or final to find out that Billy’s “super-easy-way-to-do-it”, doesn’t actually work.

3. Do not work in groups that are too large. When a group becomes very large (more than 10 people) it will lose its effectiveness and you may be devoting your time where it is not needed (i.e. shopping trips or Billy’s new girlfriend). By keeping a smaller group size it will be easier to keep people focused and on the same task. Don’t let the conversation get too out of control. (You may also lose more snacks with a big group).

4. Work in the proper location. Make sure you find a productive place to work. Instead of working a in a lounge with your new math buddies, make sure to either go to the LSK (large tables, open space, and like-minded people) or book a study room. Try to eliminate any excess distractions that may put your group off task. Also make sure that your conversation will not annoy the people working around you.

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