Working Individually

Studying Tips for Working Individually

Save all documents and practice tests with solutions in an organized folder in your laptop. Make sure they can be accessed without wifi.

Work in a quite place without distractions. It is encouraged to turn off your wifi, or find a place without wifi to begin with.

Studying demands quality over quantity- make sure you are entirely focused for a period of time and take short breaks in between.

Throughout the course

Keep up with school work by…

  • Trying to complete pre-readings on the weekend in preparation for a more thorough understanding of the materials in class. Weekly Learning goals are available online.
  • Taking notes by hand. Use different colours and hightlightings for key ideas, important formulas and sample questions.
  • Recording down questions and solutions to problems you have struggled to solve. You may come across these questions again in the future, and writing them down would help you better prepare for exams.
  • Doing the suggested problems in your textbook.
  • Starting Webwork questions as soon as it becomes available

Old Practice Exams

  • Try to go over the sample tests by yourself, using your own notes and review sheets. If you can do the tests without your notes, that is even better.
  • With reference to the posted solutions, mark your test with a different coloured pen and write down a reason for why marks are deducted. On the back side of your review sheets, record down notes to avoid making your mistakes.
  • Although there are tons of practices online, focus on your instructor’s practice test because it is likely to be the most relevant. After going through it once, do it again as a mock test; close your notes and time yourself. One of the biggest reasons why students fail to do well in exams is because they are not familiar with the steps to solve certain questions. Being able to solve questions fast is very essential. Make sure you leave five minutes to double check in the end.

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