WebWork Advice

Advices for Webwork

1. Take a look at the webwork guide and be familiar with how it works.


2. Start early.

Although students are given less than 20 questions every week, the work may be very time consuming. Starting early will allow students to take their time to think and work through the problems, rather than running out of time and panicking at the last moment.

3. Record your work in a notebook

Keep each week’s work organized. This will help you in the long run when you start reviewing for the final. Also, having an answer clearly written in your notebook will prevent typos and allow you to go through your work again if the answer was incorrect.

4. Click “Preview Answer” before “Submit Answer” to make sure you haven’t made any typos.

5. Work with someone.

Combine your knowledge with someone who can work at the same pace as you.

6. Work at the Math Learning Centre

It is easier to concentrate in a study area. It is even better when there are TAs helping. Take advantage of this learning centre and receive help whenever you get stuck.

If you’re really stuck on a question…

Search up similar questions online.

Some question, especially application questions, will be commonly found on the web. Do not copy the answer, it is most likely wrong because Webwork generates different sets of numbers for each question. Find a reliable source for the solution and follow through the steps.

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