Middle Childhood Intervention: Module One – Typical and Atypical Development

Motor Skills

The motor skills (see full Glossary) of a child 10 to 12 years of age are developing and getting refined quite nicely. They have good balance and are quite coordinated.


At this age, children can:

  • walk, run, and go up and down the stairs;
  • ride bikes (Fig. 1) and scooters (Fig. 2) ;
  • throw and catch balls of all sizes;
  • engage in complex sports such as hockey (Fig. 3) and soccer.
riding a bike
Figure 1. Riding a bike
riding a scooter
Figure 2. Riding a scooter
Figure 3. Hockey


At this age, children can:

  • have good posture (Fig. 4) when reading and writing;
  • use all writing tools;
  • tie knots and secure bows.
good posture
Figure 4. Good posture

Did you know?

Children at this age have a lot of energy. Getting them gifts that would allow them to use this energy is highly recommended.

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