Middle Childhood Intervention: Module One – Typical and Atypical Development

Category — 4.0 Ten to Twelve 6-12: Academic Skills

Academic Skills

The ages between 10 and 12 years are an exciting time for academic skills (see full Glossary). Children are starting to think in abstract ways (see full Glossary) and they will soon be able to use complex terms, such as “democracy” and “freedom”.  It is a great time to be a kid!


Children at this age:

  • like to read;
  • read and understand complex texts well;
  • understand that books have different sections (For example, table of contents, index);
  • use the dictionary and thesaurus well;
  • self-correct when they make a mistake;
  • read and finish short books with no pictures.


Children at this age can:

  • write really well;
  • write long, complex and organized paragraphs;
  • self-correct when they make a mistake;
  • use punctuation well;
  • capitalize where needed;


Specifically, children are able to perform the following:

  • solve complex multiplication problems;
  • solve complex division problems;
  • solve complex math word problems;
  • understand and use fractions.
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