Middle Childhood Intervention: Module One – Typical and Atypical Development

Category — 3.4 Eight to Ten 6-12: Motor Skills

Motor Skills

Motor skills (see full Glossary) are highly developed between ages 8 and 10, and in many ways, resemble the motor skills of adults.


(see full Glossary)

Children at this age can:

  • run smoothly;
  • walk on a balance beam (Fig. 1);
  • enjoy sports and may be part of a weekend sports team;
  • kick and catch balls of different sizes, from different distances;
  • perform somersaults (Fig. 2) and cartwheels (Fig. 3).
balance beam
Figure 1. Balance beam
Figure 2. Somersault
Figure 3. Cartwheel


Children at this age can:

  • use real tools (Fig. 4) (for example, Dad’s tools or kitchen items) quite proficiently;
  • write legibly;
  • type complete paragraphs on the computer keyboard (Fig. 5) (if exposed to computers at home);
using real tools
Figure 4. Using real tools
computer keyboard
Figure 5. Computer keyboard

Did you know?

Children ages 8 to 10 years have a lot of physical energy that needs to be released. When planning their daily schedules, make sure you allow time for physical activity, every day of the week.

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