Thousands Rally in Victoria! We need to keep building!

Thousands Rallied in Victoria today demanding the recall of Bill 12 and a return to democratic rights. For coverage of the event visit Wayne Ross’ blog.

As grassroots support builds across BC a recent Ipsos-Reid poll finds that the majority of BC’ers back the teachers. And, BCCPAC take note, if you have a child in public schools you are way more likely to be supporting the teachers!

Documents related to public education struggle

I will post links to documents related to the current struggle for public education in this entry.Series of articles from alternative media sources commenting on the teachers’ strike.
World Socialist Web
Portland Indymedia
In Defense of Marxism
Fight Back
Monthly Review zine

Vancovuer DPAC letter to the government.Download file

LRB Ruling regarding essential services rules, Sept. 30, 2005:

LRB Essential Service Decision (PDF document)

LRB Ruling regarding strike, Oct. 6, 2005. Note clipped from BCTF web page:
The Labour Relations Board has instructed the BCTF to post this ruling on the web site. The employer, BCPSEA, has filed this ruling in court. BCTF president Jinny Sims, local association presidents and individual teachers taking a stand together for public education have been served with this order. BCTF is asking for reconsideration of this order at the LRB. Members should continue to communicate with their picket captains and local associations.

BCTF Bargaining Bulletin This document outlines the relatively modest salary proposal being made by teachers.

Working TV and Templeton Secondary Student Videos relate to the Strike and Teachers’ Struggles.

Letter from BCCPAC President (Kim Howland) to DPACs and PACs.
Kim Howland’s letter (PDF document)

Letter in Burnaby Now critical of the above BCCPAC Letter
Time to advocate for teachers

Dear Editor:

Re: Pending strike action by the B.C. Teachers’ Federation.

A recent press release from Kim Howland, president of the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, regarding the BCTF decision to serve strike notice leaves me enraged.

As a parent and a parent advisory council member, I get tired of the B.C. confederation’s mealy-mouthed reactions to anything that might disrupt the school schedule.

Her expressed ‘concern’ about the B.C. Teachers’ Federation’s decision would be better directed as concern about the government’s refusal to treat teachers fairly and equitably, i.e., by providing salaries, benefits and working conditions that are fair and in line with other jurisdictions such as Ontario and Alberta.

Kim, if the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils truly represents parents and is truly concerned, do some good: speak out for teachers and the need to pay them competitive salaries and provide working conditions conducive to good education for our students.

Let’s advocate for funding levels that will support good school libraries, music programs, teachers’ aides and recess monitors instead of whining every time it appears that poor Johnny and Jane might have to miss a day of school due to a strike.

Clare O’Kelly, Burnaby

Support our Teachers Teach-In and Rally

A group of UBC faculty members are organizing a Support Our Teachers-Defend Public Education Teach-In and Rally.


WHEN (TODAY!) Wednesday. Teach-in 12-1. Rally at 11:30.
WHERE at the Scarfe Building, UBC (click for map).
SPEAKERS representing the university community will address the issues of the strike, how we can help as individuals and community members, and the implications of the government actions for all of us.

PDF poster for Teach-In. Download file.

Click here for more info.UBC attempts to silence dissent and the right to free assembly. Download the UBC memo.