B.C.’s teachers say thank you!

October 24, 2005
B.C.’s teachers say thank you!

Teachers around the province have been moved by the incredible support shown by parents. You brought us goodies while we walked the line. You walked with us in all kinds of weather. You honked your horns and cheered us on as you drove by. Your attendance at the many meetings and rallies encouraged us. We are overwhelmed and heartened by your words of encouragement in the many phone calls, e-mails, and letters received. In countless ways, you bolstered us. We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your stories about school fees, class sizes, lack of student support, and reduced resources made an impact as those stories reached the general public. Together with teachers, you furthered the public debate about quality public education.

Our goals are to continue to achieve improved learning conditions for our students, guarantees for class size and composition, and more specialist teachers such as teacher-librarians, counsellors, and ESL teachers. These conditions are fundamental to a stable, quality public education system. Our goals also include the restoration of fair, negotiated collective bargaining.

School board meetings, community gatherings, and the upcoming municipal all candidates’ meetings provide opportunities for us to work together in furthering awareness of these important educational issues. Together, we can present our mutual concerns to keep quality public education in the forefront.

We look forward to our continued working together.

Source: BCTF web page.

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