A Message from the University Hill Secondary PAC Executive

Parent Advisory Council Meeting

The Vancouver School Board (“VSB”) is currently engaged in a public consultation process regarding their proposal for changes to schools in our area. Discussion of the proposal will be on the agenda for the next general U Hill Secondary PAC meeting:

All U Hill Secondary Parents are invited.

Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Wednesday, February 13
Where: U Hill Secondary School Library

VSB Proposal: Background

VSB’s plan includes the renovation of the former NRC building into a new secondary school for 675 students, and the rebuilding of the current U Hill Secondary School on Acadia Road into a new elementary school. If this plan is approved, the UBC area will have two needed elementary schools and an expanded and renewed secondary school for our children. However, there is no guarantee that we will get these new schools. The approval of these new schools depends upon the approval of the entire proposal by the elected school trustees at a public meeting on March 11, 2008.

The VSB does not have the money to pay for the conversion of the NRC building into a high school. A UBC plan for financing the renovations was rejected by the provincial government. In order for the VSB to fund the building costs of a new secondary and elementary school they are proposing to close the Queen Elizabeth Annex and sell its property, and downsize Queen Mary Elementary School.

Understandably there is significant concern being expressed by parents from Queen Elizabeth Annex. We understand how they feel about closing their small school located on the eastern edge of Pacific Spirit Park. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage parents with children in the University Hill area to become involved in the process of rebuilding our neighbourhood schools.

The U Hill PAC executive considers that most of the proposal (given the overall political and fiscal context), represents a very effective use of educational resources.

Let the VSB hear your VOICE!

We encourage you to consider the proposal and to complete the online feedback form that can be found at: VSB Feedback Form

Our school team will be making presentations to the VSB on February 7 and February 11 (in advance of our general PAC meeting on February 13), and we will provide any final feedback to the VSB on February 15. Please feel free to contact the parents on the school team if you wish your views to be considered in these presentations: Birgit Eder: eder.warren@shaw.ca Charles Menzies: cmenzies@interchange.ubc.ca Jonathan Vogt: jvogt@cle.bc.ca.

Additional Information

For more information on the VSB’s proposal, please see the VSB’s Educational Facilities Review webpage.

Also, some of our students have organized a facebook group in support of the rebuilding effort. Rebuild U Hill We encourage you to join and to pass the information along to your family and friends.

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