Presentations to the Trustees Feb 11, 12

It was a full house Monday at the Vancouver School Board offices.

Twenty presentations were made to the board among which were myself (Charles Menzies), Birgit Eder and others from the U Hill Secondary PAC, Mankee Mah from U Hill Elem PAC, Catalin Ristea(U Hill Parent), and Mike Feeley (UNA and parent) and a group of U Hill Secondary students who spoke and showed a video. Other speakers included several parents from Dunbar area preschools, a team from Queen Elizabeth PAC and also a group of Queen Elizabeth students. The remaining speakers, aside from an advocate for a Mandarin Immersion program, were from QEA and spoke in varying degrees of passion about the importance of the annex.

The trustees asked very few questions.

The same show repeated itself on Tuesday evening with an overwhelming number of presentations from QEA parents. Lutz Lampe (UBC/UEL area parent) and Nancy Mahoney (representing the UNA Schools Committee) addressed concerns of Vancouver residents living west of Blanca.

UHill Elementary PAC report on the Presentations to the Trustees Feb 11, 12 UHill Elementary PAC
Delegate Presentations Feb 12 UHill Elementary PAC

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