Van. DPAC Exec Reported as Tenth NPA City Council Candidate

Kanman Wong, a member of Vancouver DPAC and chair of the Churchill Secondary Parents Advisory Council is reported to have entered the race for City Council. I had understood for some time now that Kanman was interested but wasn’t sure that he would get his wish. All the best to you Kanman!

Frances Bula ā€” vancouver city life and politics

I posted last night that I was wondering if the Non-Partisan Association would bring its 10th candidate up to scratch by this morning. They did, but not the retired police officer Iā€™d been hearing rumours about. Instead, we got the news as we came into the NPA nomination meeting this morning that the the new candidate is Kanman Wong. Wong ran for the Conservatives in 2006 in Vancouver Kingsway but was defeated by, you guessed it, that noted Liberal David Emerson.

Read also comment by Irwin Loy.

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