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Wiki Drop-In Support Sessions

Have questions on wiki mark-up, organizing your content, embedding media, or any other topic? I’ll be offering drop-in support sessions for the UBC Wiki. In my mind, these will be sessions where I am able to give one on-one help or answer specific questions regarding the UBC Wiki.

The next session will be on Thursday, August 26th, from 1 to 3pm at the Fraser River Room in the CTLT Tag offices in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

UBC Wiki

Looking for Help (in all the wrong namespaces)

I decided that a good first place to start with the wiki gardening project was to review the help documentation. I first looked at what currently existed on the wiki and then I moved some articles over from the public domain user guide of the MediaWiki to fill in what I thought might be missing.

In order to make the help documentation more visible, I created a help category for all pages that provide information for helping users add, edit, or create content on the UBC Wiki. In doing so, I got to see my first glimpses of why weeding will be part of this project.

In general, I think some specific help tutorials need to be created for the specialized needs of the UBC Wiki (such as how do I organized my course content).