Past Welfare Concerns

In 1986, an organization called Horse Aid was the first reported equine related organization to do an investigation of PMU farms.

In a 1988 issue of Equine Times News where they state alarming reports of abuse including:

  • emaciation of mares and foals
  • confinement for weeks-months without exercise
  • narrow confined stalls
  • crowded paddocks housing foals and mares
  • premature death of mares and foals
  • mass graves of slaughtered foals and mares
  • infections, chafing and lesions from urine collection device
  • water restrictions to increase estrogen concentration in urine

(Horse Aid, 2004),  (PETA, 2015)

A 1996 study into the incidence of foal mortality found that of 334 foals born, 22% died before 10 days of age and 74% of these deaths occurred within the 8 hours of birth.

The major causes of foal mortality included:

  • starvation/exposure 27%
  • septicemia 26%
  • dystocia 20%

(Haas et. al, 1998).