History of the Industry


1990s: PMU production was a major industry in Canada

1999:  At its peak, there were approximately 430 PMU with 125 producing mares on each farm (Horse Aid, 2004).

Early 2000s: Dropped to 308 ranches because the sale of Premarin dropped roughly 30% (Horse Aid, 2004).

2003: At the end 2003, Wyeth/Pfizer canceled half of the existing contracts with Canadian PMU ranchers.download


2010: 38 more farms were shut down in Saskatchewan and Manitoba cutting the number of PMU ranches in Canada in half again (Horse Aid, 2004).

2012: Roughly 800 mares on 25 farms remained in all of North America (Tuesday Horse, 2012) .

Current: There are 20 equine ranches remaining in Canada in Manitoba (16) and Saskatchewan (4) which produce less than 1300 foals per year (NAERIC, 2015).