Should the PMU industry be eliminated?

Final Remarks

The pros and cons of the current industry must be evaluated when taking a position today.

  • It is clear that the three measure of welfare are not mutually exclusive as with welfare concerns of any animal industry.
  • As currently PMU horses represent a very small portion of the total North American horse population, an estimated less than 0.005% (NAERIC, 2015), welfare concerns may better be situated in other horse industries.
  • If the welfare conditions of the mares are confidently upheld and backed by reputable veterinarian and animal association then the existence of the industry is not unjust.
  • Ethical concerns for the industry situated on the mares inability to exhibit natural behaviours may be sound, however in relation to other horse industry such limitations may be similar.

Complete elimination of any intensive animal related industry remains unlikely and as a result welfare and animal professional must keep all animal industries closely monitors to ensure maximal welfare is provided.

Women taking Premarin/PMU based drugs who are concerned with welfare of PMU industry horses have options for alternative methods of hormone therapy and should consult with their physician.