Facebook – communistic advertising?

I love Facebook, and I am a very heavy user of it – but recently I’ve had my fair share of thoughts about the platform and so did this article I recently read, which emphasizes the changes for businesses especially.


Image sourced from: http://internet.wonderhowto.com/how-to/finally-thumbs-down-things-you-dislike-facebook-0150997/

I’d briefly like to touch on their mentioned Facebook changes, in the sense as organic reach for all brands may soon reach zero. Brands knew this day would come, but I think the reality hit harder than expected. Back in the day, I as a consumer liked a Facebook page of a brand / company because I was sincerely interested in seeing their content. Yet Facebook in January took that away from consumers, and is now fully controlling things we see. This reminds me of almost a communistic approach to advertising – where only the big guy decides what we see, unless brands are willing to pay the big bucks and this in a real life situation could be seen as a form of “bribing” – if you understand my analogy. The more you pay as a brand, the more you get, and if you don’t pay – your information to the world is withheld. Scary right?

Before starting my internship in Digital Marketing @Heineken this summer, I had no idea how expensive advertising on Facebook actually is. Right now a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranges from about 0.50 to about 6! That for a big or small brand can add up pretty quickly.

So what does this mean for the future? I guess we will find out, but I believe brands are already taking next steps to branch away from Facebook advertising. Read my next blog to find out how!

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