Tools and Machinery

Tools and Machinery

Our comprehensive woodworking shop provides all tools required to produce anything from small models to full-sized building components. We train students in the safe use of tools and machines appropriate to their projects.

The shop is located in the basement of the Lasserre Building and has two major areas – machine and assembly. The machine room contains most of the equipment and is open over 50 hours per week. The assembly room, equipped with benches, power, and some machines, is available around the clock. Students can also sign out a large selection of hand tools and portable power tools for use in the assembly room, at your desk, or even outside of SALA.

The Varga Safety Saw:

Located in the laser room in MacMillan, the Varga Safety Saw is an easy way for students to get accurate, high-quality cuts that are straight and square for smaller cuts. The Varga saw will be free to use whenever the laser cutter is in operation. If a laser cutting file that includes lots of square, straight cuts, consider doing it on the Varga saw.

The Varga saw cuts wood, plywood, MDF and acrylic very well. It can be used with many sheet goods from wood veneer up to about half an inch (12mm) thick. It must not be used to cut any kind of paper, cardboard or chipboard- those materials do not cut smoothly and dull the blade, Foam or foamcore also cannot be cut, as it will dull the blade and will put off toxic dust. The saw also can cut PETG plastic which is prohibited on the laser cutter due to toxic fumes.

Additional Spaces:

There is also a satellite workshop and assembly space in the Annex.

For more information on specific tools, please see our tutorials.

Above image captured by Gabriel Lascu

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For a full list of items available for purchase in the shop, please visit our materials page.


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