Skype in the Classroom

Have you heard of the online educational community being offered through Skype? Visit the Connected Classroom page here in the sandbox for more in depth info!

Skype in the Classroom helps to match classrooms with experts in their fields on Skype to support classroom units. You can sign up and search for lesson plans and packages already set up or post your interest/learning target online so that someone can find you and support your needs.

I love the ‘Mystery Skype’ idea – where you partner with a classroom somewhere else in the world and challenge your students to guess where the other class is based on questions about geography, history, language etc.

This November, they have a special series of lessons where participants will ‘Explore Oceans’ with guest Fabien Cousteau!

Reminds me of another great local (BC) program: Science World’s  Scientist and Innovators in the School program but with the benefit of a worldwide online community that can help overcome the barriers of location and availability of volunteers!



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