Tech Integrated Lesson Planning

Like all good lesson planning, planning with a mind to technology integration should begin with your learning outcomes – not necessarily just the Ministry Prescribed “PLO’s”, but also your ‘big picture’ goals and learning targets.

Consider HOW your students will share, develop, create and apply knowledge and how you will assess their learning. Further, you’ll need to consider their background knowledge, skills and attitudes with respect to the technology being used. Is the digital technology being used intuitive? Are there skills that will require pre-teaching or will incidental learning suffice?

Below are some links to support lesson planning with technology as an integral component:

ISTE Standards (formerly called NETS) The International Society for Technology in Education standards provide

Using Model Strategies to Integrate Technology into Teaching (an ISTE resource)

Consider a constructivist approach to teaching and learning – employ strategies such as POE (Predict, Observe, Explain); CCM or CIM; Constructivist Lesson Planning Guides; Dowload a template/guide to get started; Use the ‘5 E’ Model for planning.

Grade 10 Physics example

or Try this model (EXAMPLE in practice – gr. 2 Water Cycle)

  • Orientation (Activating prior knowledge and developing motivation)
  • Elicitation (Current understanding of the concept is explored – i.e. through POE)
  • Restructuring Ideas (sharing and clarifying meaning – includes construction of new ideas, evaluating and applying new ideas)
  • Review (reflect, draw conclusions and infer)
  • Extension

(The about framework is modeled after a teaching and learning sequence described by Driver and Oldham in Matthews, M. R. (1994). Science Teaching. New York: Routledge, chapter 7)

Tech Integration Lesson Planning Template: TechIntegrationLessonPlan

ReadWriteThink ready made lesson plans, online interactives and planning templates

Media Smarts – Searchable by province and grade level – lessons developed to help integrate tech into various subject areas and also ‘media literacy’ lesson plans

ThinkPort database of lesson plans

Visit the Scarfe Sandbox this week to explore and learn more!

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