Interactive Classrooms – iClickers for active learning

Did you know that there are two class sets of iClickers (and controllers) available on loan through the Scarfe Education Library for instructors? All you need is the clicker set (which includes a ‘base station’) and a computer hooked up to projection.¬† iClickers can support interaction, formative and summative assessment in any classroom – regardless of age level or size – and are relatively simple for teachers and students to use.

See the iClicker Sandbox handout for more information, research and ideas:

Sandbox  iClickerQuickStart guide


Visit: for FAQ, step by step setup and more!

Idea – for some ‘proactive’ classroom management, hang or display signs showing the ‘choices’ related to the letters on the clickers.

There are many alternatives to iClickers to support engagement, interactivity and assessment.

Try: Socrative – a free online digital technology that can be used with any handheld or personal computing device (as long as there is internet access). One of the benefits that I see of Socrative over iClickers is the ability to have students answer questions with short answers. Socrative allows the instructor to create quizzes and games that can be saved and re-used or ask questions ‘on the fly’ orally or in writing. It even has a built in ‘exit slip’ for students to complete. Socrative, like iClickers, allows the instructors to view and save data.

Another alternative for in-class polling is PollEverywhere . A poll (of one or several questions) can be set up as needed or in advance and made live. Students respond via text messaging.



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