Sandbox Session Highlights!

This year, in the Library Computing Commons (room 155), Jo-Anne Naslund and Yvonne Dawydiak will offer drop-in workshop sessions about particular topics of interest to TC’s and Faculty alike. The focus of these sessions will be to develop an understanding of strong pedagogical approaches through the hands-on integration of technology.

We hope you take advantage of one of these sessions to further develop your ease with and understanding of technology integration.

A schedule of sessions offered (as well as other drop in opportunities) can be found on the Calendar tab or linked here.

2013-2014 sessions included (download handouts here)

Be SMART–IWB’s in Education  Sandbox_IWB_Sept2013

iPad Possibilities – Transforming education; Connecting with the world Sandbox_iPadPossibilities_Oct2013

Hook ‘em – Using Visuals and Multimedia to Engage Students  Sandbox_Hooks_Oct2013

Connecting your Classroom – To a wider community of peers and experts   Sandbox_Skype_Nov2013

Blogs & Social Media – Blending the social and academic world…  Sandbox_Blogs_Nov2013

Interactive Classrooms – i-Clickers for active learning  Sandbox_iClicker_Nov2013

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